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People We Encounter

The People We Encounter

I have a couple of friends (photography nerds, if you will) named Richard and Henry. They started an awesome photo project they are calling “The People We Encounter”. Richard is making a book out of the all portraits and asking the subjects to do something next to their portrait. I did a little india ink painting.

For more info about their project please take a look at their blog:


Look At Me

About a week and a half ago Patrick and Henry came into the gallery asking if I wanted something of mine in a video they were making. Well, of course I do, I responded. If you’ve been in the gallery then you’ve seen the floaty head things I have hanging from the ceiling. Or rather from the large pipe that runs across the ceiling of the gallery. Anyway, I gave them some floaty head things to use. When they returned the heads later I invited myself to tag along with them as they continued filming throughout the night.

Look At Me from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.

To see more of Pat’s video work visit

To see more of Henry’s video work visit

Krink Arm Drawing On Henry

So, I’m in the gallery hanging artwork last week when Henry and Kelly stop by. If I remember correctly our conversation went from Where The Wild Things Are to the new waffles at Bel Frites to coffee shops to napkin stores to the fact that if you’re a squirrel (male or female) you are always thinking about nuts to a number of other things that aren’t directly related. At some point Henry asked if I would draw on his arm. I pulled out the trusty Krink and did this speedy little gem.

Krink Arm Drawing On Henry

Krink Arm Drawing On Henry

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