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Aww…People Think About Me. And For Totally Different And Unrelated Reasons.

So, a few days ago I received three different messages from three different people that went out of their way to show/tell me something that reminded them of me. And that just makes my heart all mushy.

My photographer buddy, Tom, thinks of me when he buys india ink because he knows I’m a sucker for the stuff.

My friend Amy discovered this amazing Thai tea thing-a-ma-bob and thought of me because she knows I’m a sucker for the stuff. I haven’t tried it yet, but next time I find myself in the vicinity of a Fresh & Sleazy you can bet your sweet Thai tooth I am going to try one out.

And my lovely lady, who is one of the few people that is privy to all my crude, perverted and disgusting humor, found this gem. With a name like Fart Magazine, would you expect anything less? I certainly hope not. Now, if only they’d provide a list of the songs on that mix cd.

Thanks for reading!
– Jeff

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