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Authorized MTN Dealer!

This is probably long overdue. I made a flickr set dedicated strictly to all the MTN products I sell in my gallery. Check it out! There are even color charts to help you out with your special orders.

Montana Shipment Arrives - August 13, 2009

Gallery News And The New MTN Hardcore Can

MTN has made some changes to the Hardcore line. All MTN Hardcore 400ml cans now come with a spray nozzle and a clear protective cap. This is great because you can safely stack your cans without having to take your spray nozzle off.

New MTN Hardcore

The Claassen Gallery has been very excited about selling MTN for the last two years. And who wouldn’t be? Afterall, it’s the best spray paint on the planet. We’ve had nothing but great feedback about what a quality product it is. With the introduction of the new Hardcore can we are making a transition with the pricing. All new Hardcore cans will be priced at $6.50. We still have a lot of the old style cans that we will continue to sell at $6.00 until they are all sold out. It might take a couple of months for us to have the new can in all the colors we like to keep in stock. Now is a good time to snatch up the remaining cans at $6.00.

A word from Jeff:
Having the opportunity to offer artists in SLO the best spray paint ever made has been an awesome experience. I’ve met so many artists and creative people and feel very fortunate to be in a position where I’m surrounded by creative people on a daily basis and for that I am thankful. I know fifty cents isn’t much, but I’ve literally lost sleep over this. The final conclusion is that if I’m going to continue selling MTN it’s just not possible to do it at $6.00 a can. One of the many things that makes MTN paint so awesome is that the quality speaks for itself and I’m willing to stand behind that.

MTN Display - May 11, 2010

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