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Press: A Chit Chat With Anna Weltner About All This Fiasco Nonsense

Check out the article online or find one of the hundreds of New Times stands scattered across the county.

Thanks, Y’all!
– Jeff

Viewer Discretion

cool...i showed up in the new times "viewer discretion" a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago when I was painting one of the city’s electrical boxes New Times photographer Steve E. Miller caught me in action.

Painting outside wearing big headphones and standing on a milk crate. Fun stuff!
– Jeff

Turkey Hands!

Turkey Hand

My eight year old sidekick, Evy Monster, and I made some turkey hand art today for the New Times Holiday Issue. They put out a call for submissions a couple of weeks ago and in typical artist fashion we made ours the day of the deadline. If they get a lot of submissions I suggested we host a one night Turkey Hand Art Show in the gallery, so I hope a lot of people got inspired to whip out the old box of markers and trace their hand on a piece of paper. I would love to see the walls of the gallery lined with turkey hands. Hey, how many times do you think I can use the phrase “turkey hand” in a single post?

Turkey Hand

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