Test Out MTN, Krink, Grog And Other Goodies At The Claassen Gallery

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally installed a nice testing area in the gallery.

Tester Wall

Already, the wall no longer looks like this. It’s getting covered quite nicely.

Tester Wall

If you have trouble making a choice or are hesitant to buy a marker you’re unfamiliar with now you can test any of them out…Krink, OTR, Pilot, Sakura, whatever. If we sell it you can test it.

Tester Wall

Finally try out that Astro Cap before you buy it. Or any cap for that matter. Also, see for yourself just how runny and watered down Krylon and Rustoleum are in a side by side comparison with the original Spanish Montana Spray Paint. It’s no contest, so come by the gallery and see for yourself.

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