A Waiting In The Car Doodle

I really don’t like grocery shopping. Coral, on the other hand, loves it. At least it seems like she does. I developed this particular shopping behavior in which I only buy what I can carry in my two arms. Because of this I rarely spend more than $20 at the grocery store at once and my perishables stand a much better chance at not perishing. To me, it’s a win-win. Grocery shopping with Coral is a totally different experience that ends in handing over a $100 bill and involves a cart overflowing with everything from cereal and tortillas to string cheese and arugula. In typical man fashion I try to avoid these grocery shopping excursions as much as possible. Today I was lucky enough to dodge shopping by sitting in the car patiently, which gave me some doodle time on the ipad.

sketchbook pro

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One Response to “A Waiting In The Car Doodle“

  1. Coral says:

    You don’t mind the overflowing kitchen full of snackies! But yes, I do love grocery shopping. I love leaning on my cart, strolling slooowly up and down aisles, ticking things off of my list, planning meals in my head… It’s relaxing for me. It’s my happy place.