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Digital Doodle Of Neal Breton

It’s been said that you aren’t a SLO County artist until you make a portrait of Neal Breton. Well, I finally stepped up to the plate and made one. I’m a SLO County artist now, suckers!

iPad Doodle: Two Suits And A Little Birdy

Just doodling on the iPad. “Digital finger painting”, we call it.

Short and sweet tonight. I’ve got a movie commentary I want to watch.

Sweet dreams!
– Jeff

Because Random Stuff Is Fun

Scrolling through my phone’s camera roll I came across this stuff from the past week and thought if it’s worthy enough to be on the phone then it is worthy enough to put online for all of you fine people.

I drew this last week when Coral and I were killing time at Bru in Atascadero. I had a delicious smoothie there. Every time I get a smoothie that’s not Jamba Juice it feels weird. It’s sad that I forget other places can also make tasty blended fruit drinks. Oh yeah, that was an iPad drawing done with the Sketchbook Pro app.

A sneak peek at the new studio. Monday was my first day working in there and it felt so great to get out of my garage. I’m really looking forward to setting it up all pretty like and hanging out (I mean working) with Neal and Bret.

Dude! Marriott is really stepping up the game in the “Free Continental Breakfast” battle. Totally stuffed a handful of these in my pocket before checking out.

Awesome cartoon from The Rut.

That’s it for this round of “What the hell should a I blog about tonight?”

– Jeff

Digital Finger Painting: Let It Shine

“Let It Shine”

Device: iPad
Apps: Adobe Ideas and Sketchbook Pro

Doodle On iPad With Sketchbook Pro

sketchy head doodle - sketchbook pro, ipad

I forget if I posted this on here, so I apologize if this is a repeat. Anyway…
I made this while talking on the phone with my mom. Phone calls are the best doodle times.

– Jeff

A Waiting In The Car Doodle

I really don’t like grocery shopping. Coral, on the other hand, loves it. At least it seems like she does. I developed this particular shopping behavior in which I only buy what I can carry in my two arms. Because of this I rarely spend more than $20 at the grocery store at once and my perishables stand a much better chance at not perishing. To me, it’s a win-win. Grocery shopping with Coral is a totally different experience that ends in handing over a $100 bill and involves a cart overflowing with everything from cereal and tortillas to string cheese and arugula. In typical man fashion I try to avoid these grocery shopping excursions as much as possible. Today I was lucky enough to dodge shopping by sitting in the car patiently, which gave me some doodle time on the ipad.

sketchbook pro

Fat Tag, Adobe Ideas and Sketchbook Pro

I’ll be honest, the Ipad is a fun toy. I find myself killing a lot of time with that thing in my hands. When I get frustrated with my inability to get three stars in every level of Angry Birds that exists I try to make some of my Ipad time productive. Lucky for me, making art is my job, so I can call doodle time “working”. There are a lot of drawing apps available in the Apple App Store. I’ve tried out a bunch of them and have whittled down the list to comprise only my favorites.

For this doodle session I used the following apps, in this order:
Fat Tag
Adobe Ideas
Sketchbook Pro

By no means is this post intended to be a tutorial, so I won’t be getting in depth on any of the steps. I just love “behind the scenes” stuff and assume everybody else does too. Don’t lie. You know you do.

Quick doodle using Fat Tag

I took a screenshot of my Fat Tag doodle and opened the image in Adobe Ideas to trace over the pixelated sketchy lines. Adobe Ideas is awesome because it automatically turns every line you draw into a vector image. Yeah, it’s totally sweet. Oh yeah, to take a screenshot on your Ipad just hold down the power button then hit the home button. The screen will do a little blink like it’s taking a photo and your screenshot will be saved in your photo app.

It certainly helps to zoom in a lot when you’re tracing over a sketchy line. Just look at those yummy vectors in comparison.

And the tracing is done.

Here you can see the drawing layer and the photo layer.

I might have done more work than I had to here, but I was just winging it so this is the best I could come up with. I opened Sketchbook Pro and put my traced version of the doodle on one layer and the screenshot on another layer. I could have added the drips anywhere I wanted, but at the time I thought it would be best to keep the drips similar to the original doodle.

I tossed some yellow in there and…


Floating Head With Fangs

sketchbook pro

Ok, I’m finally up to date with my “Sketchbook Pro” posts*. This is the most recent doodle I’ve come up with using the best drawing app ever created. You’d think with such an awesome app with so many capabilities I’d come up with something a little more snazzy, but no. This is what you get!

Have a fantastic weekend!
– Jeff

* Ok, that’s not entirely the whole truth…I have one more Sketchbook Pro doodle to post, but I’m saving it for a later date because…well, you don’t really want to hear my excuse.

Another Floating Head Dude

iPad doodle - sketchbook pro

I’m pretty sure I forgot to post this one too. Can you tell I’m trying to catch up with my blogging activities? I could probably have every post start with “A couple of months ago…”, but who wants to read all the old news? Well, this image is another Sketchbook Pro creation. The colors kind of hurt my eyes, but hey, sometimes your eyes need a workout.

– Jeff

Digital Finger Painting With Sketchbook Pro

sketchbook pro

I was just digging around in flickr and saw this. I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted it here in the blog even though I made it back in September. Ugh…I don’t know where those professional bloggers find the time to update every single day. I’m working at it. Anyway, this image was made on the iPad using Sketchbook Pro. If I remember correctly, this is the first thing I made using that app, but it was a little too ambitious and after I started it I let it sit for awhile so I could work on other stuff.

– Jeff

Digital Fingerpainting At The Bookstore

sketchbook pro

Just playing with Sketchbook Pro at the bookstore. It’s taken a few sessions to finish this one. I really don’t dedicate as much time to Sketchbook Pro as I’d like. But hey, I have a business to run…I mean nobody is going to play Touch Grind for me.

Getting Abstract With Sketchbook Pro

ipad sketchbook pro

I’ve been staying up way too late the last couple of weeks. Two nights ago I tried going to bed earlier than usual. “Earlier” meaning 3:30am. I laid down with the good intention of playing Angry Birds until I fell asleep, but after a few rounds of smashing pigs into oblivion I opened up Sketchbook Pro and made this abstract piece.