Things I Love Thursday: My Mom, For Keeping My Transformers

As you know, last Sunday was Mother’s Day. Like many awesome sons I spent the day at my parents house. It was a nice relaxing day. At some point I mentioned that I wanted to crawl around the attic to see if my old baseball mitt was up there. It had been years since I’d been up there and before I embarked on the adventure my Mom said that it might not be up there and to take a look in the closet in the garage. I’m not sure why there is a closet in the garage, but that’s ok. Mom, Dad, and myself headed to the garage and on the top shelf in the closet was a bag full of…

(I think the dump truck might be a Go Bot.)

The highlight of the loot was the Transformers (and one possible Go Bot). These beauties are twenty seven years old, people! I know what you’re thinking and they are not worth $1000’s on ebay. Trust me. Now my kids get to play with them which is way cooler than selling the treasures of my youth for $6, plus shipping.

Oh, how I wished I had the ghetto blaster Transformer now! Uhh…not for me…for my kids. Geez.

Scattered amongst the loot were a couple of M.A.S.K. dudes too.

I totally forgot about M.A.S.K. until I saw these guys. I remember thinking they were awesome, but I couldn’t remember why. This video, however, will show you why.

Thanks, Mom!

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3 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday: My Mom, For Keeping My Transformers“

  1. Poopsie says:

    Now I just have to find my Rainbow Brite and Starlite collection and we’re all set! But I’m pretty sure that a hurricane ate them in ’92, sooo… 🙁

  2. Morgan says:

    the cassette tape stegosaurus is amazing!

  3. jeff says:

    i love it too!