New Painting: Loose Cannon

I end up with a lot of wood scraps. A few years ago I started putting them to use by painting them. I called them “blockheads” because I would use the shape of the wood for the characters face. Here are a couple of examples.

the undertaker

Sugar Junkie

I don’t think any of these Blockheads were any bigger than 3″ x 6″. Coral suggested painting a BIG blockhead. She wants me to paint one that’s at least 2′ x 4′. I haven’t painted one that size yet, but last night I finished this one that is 14″ x 18″. Being bigger than 2″ – 3″ wide I was able to get a lot more detailed.

Loose Cannon
“Loose Cannon”
14″ x 18″ – mixed media on wood
$245, plus shipping
If you would like to purchase this please order online.

It was fun making a bigger Blockhead than what I normally do. Not sure if I’ll step it up to the 2′ x 4′ size, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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