Pretty Sneaky. Better Not Turn Your Back.

These two paintings have been sitting around for about three months. They weren’t quite finished, so I had them stored in a shoe box during our move. Like a hidden treasure I found them buried in the garage under a pile of trash bags filled with clothes that we haven’t unpacked yet. Here’s the first one.

I’m calling it “Pretty Sneaky” because, let’s face it, that dude looks quite mischievous.
It’s $65, plus shipping and is available online at:

This next one I thought was hilarious because it turned out looking like a blue Jabba The Hutt with an afro.

I’m calling it “Turn Your Back” because that’s what he wants you to do so that he can rob you. You can’t trust an afro wearing Jabba The Hutt. I don’t care how strong the force is with you.
It’s $65, plus shipping and is available online at:

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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