Live Work Love Podcast One Year Anniversary

Coral and I started our podcast, Live Work Love, one year ago on International Podcast Day. Tomorrow will be our 1 year anniversary, so we recorded a short episode this morning and I’m editing it today so it will hopefully be up tomorrow. If you’ve ever tossed around the idea that you want to have a podcast there is no time like the present, so get off your ass and do it. We have 3 very demanding kids and own a shop that’s open 62 hours a week (not including all the after hours work like painting my pretty pictures) and we’ve managed to put out, on average, 1 episode a month. We’ve recorded every episode on my iPhone so if you think you need fancy recording equipment, you don’t. It did take some digging around to learn how to get the thing on iTunes, but it’s nothing you can’t figure out in an afternoon. Or like me, at 3 in the morning. Anyway…

We’re excited to have a year of podcasting under our belts and are thankful for all of you that have listened to our rambling nonsense.

If you haven’t listened to our rambling nonsense, but are curious, you can start binge listening now on iTunes.

If you’re anti-apple you can download or stream all the episodes at

We’re editing episode 12 today, so it will hopefully be up and ready to download tomorrow.

– Jeff & Coral

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