Thirteen Things I Did In The Last 48 Hours

Well damn…last minute blog posting again. Allow me to explain by writing a list for today’s post.

Things I’ve done in the last 48 hours.

– Woke up at 3am Thursday morning.
– Drove to San Diego.
– Met up with Corals’s mom in Mission Bay where she was staying on a boat, which was actually a pretty cool Air BnB.
– Went out for taco’s because when you’re in San Diego you have to eat Mexican.
– Surprised Elliott with a visit at the San Diego Zoo.
– Ditched Elliott so he could have a sleep over on the boat with grandma.
– Stayed at my friend Sam’s house. He and his lady made us delicious chicken burritos.
– Woke up earlier than I wanted to.
– Drove to a vendor’s warehouse to pick up new merch for Viva Paso.
– Picked up Elliott and grandma.
– Drove home. It took FOREVER. There is A LOT more to the drive home, but I will get to that tomorrow because it deserves A LOT more attention than one sentence.
– Literally, just got home 15 minutes ago.
– Typed up this post as fast as possible.

Ok, goal accomplished.

See you tomorrow!

– Jeff

Oh yeah, photo of Mission Bay was taken by Coral. She’s awesome.

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