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You Will NEVER See This At An Art Show

If I attempted a stage dive at my next art opening it would simply be labeled “performance art”. There would be no viral pictures or videos of it because who wants to see some art nerd dude belly flop straight onto the floor.* I might get a few claps afterwards. Oh, and a broken front tooth.

*Actually, that could totally go viral on youtube. The clip would at least show up in one of those millions of “Fail Compilations”.

Music Monday: Cudi Zone by Kid Cudi, Duh!

kid cudi

One day Kid Cudi came on Pandora. At the time I had never heard of him and it’s probably because I’m not 16 years old anymore, which means other things have gotten in the way of keeping up with new music. Real life grown up stuff. You know, things like overcoming my Bike Race addiction and learning how to text message without looking at the keyboard. It’s no wonder some people never progress much past what they liked when they were in high school. But I digress…

So, Kid Cudi came on and I liked it, which prompted me to start a Kid Cudi Pandora station. And that led me to buy a few of my favorites on iTunes, including this song, Cudi Zone.


Music Monday, A Day Late…Again: Opposite Of Adults By Chiddy Bang


Oh, how I love Pandora! There are so many bands I would never have found out about had it not been for Pandora, including this one, Chiddy Bang.

Do you remember fourteen years ago when you bought a Sony Playstation for the sole purpose of playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater? Well, I do. If you are wondering what this has to do with Music Monday and Hip Hop sensation Chiddy Bang you need to work a little on your patience skills. Really, what’s the rush? I’ll fully explain, I promise. Plus, my tangents make for a more entertaining reading experience. This post is kind of like one of those Memento type movies that don’t make sense, but in the last thirty seconds all the loose ends are tied and you leave the theater thinking, “Wow! That was genius! Wait, what the hell just happened?” If you became obsessed with Tony Hawk Pro Skater like everybody else in the world, I mean, afterall, you did buy a $100 game console just to play one game…so yeah, if you didn’t become obsessed you really wasted a lot of money. We owed it to ourselves to get obsessed and deserved having our girlfriends leave us. The game was pretty addicting, like crack. It came as no surprise that when given the ultimatum of “do you choose me or that dumb video game”, we went with Tony Hawk Pro Skater every time, without hesitation. It was even more like crack in the way that playing the game normal didn’t give you the same high after awhile. You had to do more and more. First, you beat the game as Jamie Thomas, then Kareem Campbell, then you had to beat the game as Chad Muska and so on and so forth. Admit it, you even dedicated the time to beat the game as Elissa Steamer. This is where the high actually become a depressing low and the only way to get the high back was to find cheat codes. Now you’d do something like hold L at the pause screen and hit X, B, Up, left, left and then return to the character select screen. That nifty little code would unlock…wait for it. BIG HEAD MODE! Prepare to be dazzled because this is where it all ties together.

Chiddy Bang is totally in BIG HEAD mode for their “Opposite Of Adults” video!