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Because Random Stuff Is Fun

Scrolling through my phone’s camera roll I came across this stuff from the past week and thought if it’s worthy enough to be on the phone then it is worthy enough to put online for all of you fine people.

I drew this last week when Coral and I were killing time at Bru in Atascadero. I had a delicious smoothie there. Every time I get a smoothie that’s not Jamba Juice it feels weird. It’s sad that I forget other places can also make tasty blended fruit drinks. Oh yeah, that was an iPad drawing done with the Sketchbook Pro app.

A sneak peek at the new studio. Monday was my first day working in there and it felt so great to get out of my garage. I’m really looking forward to setting it up all pretty like and hanging out (I mean working) with Neal and Bret.

Dude! Marriott is really stepping up the game in the “Free Continental Breakfast” battle. Totally stuffed a handful of these in my pocket before checking out.

Awesome cartoon from The Rut.

That’s it for this round of “What the hell should a I blog about tonight?”

– Jeff

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