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Music Monday: Neil Diamond And Why September Is So Special

This post is dedicated to all the lovely people born in September. This is a special month for me because some of the dearest people I know came into the world this month. When you think about it, September babies might be more special than other babies (with the exception of November babies, which were probably conceived on Valentine’s Day) because they were conceived during a very happy time of the year, Christmas and New Years. Of course, some of them could totally be the product of a drunken New Year’s one night stand. Anyway…

I scoured long and hard to find a good song to kick off September with. After rejecting September Gurls by The Bangles, September When I First Met You by Barry White, Pale September by Fiona Apple and September Song by Frank Sinatra (I also listened to the Dean Martin version) I decided to go with Neil Diamond’s September Morn, which was really my first choice all along. You’ve got to love the glitter blazer. And the hair. Oh that hair! Enjoy!