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The Stump Painting Adventure Continues

You would think that painting on a broken tree out in the country wouldn’t bother anybody. Guess again. I had seen this tree in a ditch for a couple of months. One day I finally painted it and within a week it was removed.

I’m tempted to call this one “Sloth”. Goonies.

This is my most recent stump, but now that I think about it this could very well be the first one that sparked the idea in me to start painting on stumps. It happens to be on the roof of my house just outside our bedroom window.

Here’s a short time lapse of the roof stump. I’ve made two time lapse videos of painting these and both times I forgot to film the first step, which is painting the background color. Next time I’ll try to remember to record the whole process. Also, I’ve really been trying to beef up my YouTube Channel, so please check out the other videos after you watch this one.

– Jeff

A Quick Little Time Lapse Painting A Face

Experimenting with the Go Pro today and just made a little time lapse painting one of many faces on this big piece of wood.

If I get a little more ambitious I might make more of these and longer. Let’s be real here, a 10 second clip isn’t all that exciting. Although, I do hope you enjoyed each and every one of those seconds.

See ya!
– Jeff

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