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An Evening At The Pool

A few days ago we escaped the heat by floating around in a big puddle of water.

I was cloud obsessed. This post could easily be 20 photos of the sky. At least.

James and his big fat goggles.

Elliott contemplating a swan dive.

Coral prefers stealing my parents’ roses to swimming. Can you blame her? They’re gorgeous.

This was about 5 minutes after the first sunset photo.

Sadly, Evelyn isn’t represented in this post because all the photos I got of her were blurry and I just don’t have it in me to post blurry photos.

Until next time…

– Jeff

The Prescott YMCA Pool Is Ridiculous

at the prescott ymca

We’ve been to the pool twice already. The kiddie pool is sweet because it’s beach style, meaning you just walk right in. Elliott loves it. Coral loves it too. So much so that she never left it. Even Elliott ventured into the big kid pool. Hell, the little thrill seeker even rode down the water slide with me.

at the prescott ymca

at the prescott ymca

at the prescott ymca

Damn, I didn’t get any pictures of James or Evy at the pool. I had one of Evy attempting a dive off the diving board, but my timing was off and it looked more like she was standing on the edge of the board leaning over as if to contemplate jumping or heading back to the ladder.

Good times!

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