Etsy Update – Switchin It Up

Meet Me Halfway

I just did some counting. Like the “1…2…3…” kind of counting. As it turns out I now have 52 limited edition prints on wood. Because I make them as they sell and the resin coating I use takes three days to fully harden I don’t always have all 52 available.

Compliments Don't Pay The Bills

I’ve decided to update my etsy shop so that all the ones I have in stock and ready to ship will be the only ones available to purchase online. This will speed up delivery. I’ve always been a speedy shipper, but there have been a few times where I couldn’t ship prints until three days after they were purchased. Folks, I am happy to say, those days are no longer!

Demetri The Curious Octopi

Of the 52 prints I make on wood I have 16 available at the moment. I’m working hard to get them all online. If there is one you’re looking for that’s not on etsy let me know and I’ll get to it as soon as possible. Check out my flickr set to see all the prints on wood that I make. At the moment there are only a few missing from that set. Well, it now looks like I’ve got some flickr updating to do today. The internet is a fun place.

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