Elliott Immortalized As Public Art

elliott in a box

Our little monster has been immortalized on San Luis Obispo property (legally) by Stenzskull as part of the city’s “Box Art Project”.

I sent Stenzskull the above three photos as source material. His idea for his box was portraits of people confined within the parameters of the box. A baby seemed fitting. Especially ours since he has an obsession with crawling in boxes. He’ll even remove drawers from the dresser, drop them on the ground and then sit in it. Yeah, he’s a weirdo.

elliott immortalized as public art

The finished product is so awesome! I’m tempted to say “epic”, which has become quite overused among the cool kids lately, so I’ll resist the temptation. Coral and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I mean, our son is painted on a freaking electrical box! It’s pretty sweet, if you ask me.

A huge thanks and shout out to our good friend and fellow artist, Stenzskull, for his amazing work. Thanks, homie!

If you want to see this in person the box is on the corner of Santa Rosa and Mill St in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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