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A Brief Interlude Is Now Available In Digi Format Thanks To Issuu

Check it out! I have recently become obsessed with Issuu and uploaded my book from 2010. It’s fun to have a digital version out there.

If you’d like the signed and numbered print version of this book I still have a couple of copies available in my etsy shop.

Thanks for looking!

– Jeff

A Brief Interlude #61 Up For Auction

A Brief Interlude - up for auction

This edition is so close to selling out that I’m getting anxious to find homes for the last remaining copies. This is number 61 out of 100. There are actually only 6 copies left, but they’ve been sold out of order.

I drew a little character on the inside back cover so the winning bidder will get something a little more unique than just a book. There are some other goodies included in the auction as well. There is a photo of the drawing on the listing. If you want to check it out or place a bid please visit:

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Signing Books Makes Me Feel Like A Rockstar

Back in July I released a little art book called “A Brief Interlude”. Only 100 copies were printed, which were all signed and numbered. The night of the release party I signed books and did drawings for people on the back cover. Sadly, I don’t think I took any photos of those drawings. Last week I sold a couple of books and asked the buyers if they wanted a drawing in the back, which they said yes too, and I was smart enough to take photos.

A Brief Interlude #75

A Brief Interlude #88

Out of the 100 books I started out with I am now down to about 25. If you’d like to order one before they sell out please do so. They are available in my etsy shop and are $12 each.

Brief Interlude - book release party
(photos by Richard Fusillo.)

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

It’s My Party And I’ll Draw If I Want To

I hope you can make it to the party!
– Jeff

(click the above flyer to pre-order a copy of “A Brief Interlude”. There are only 100 copies in this first printing.)

My New Book!

My new book: A Brief Interlude

My new book has arrived!!! An official book release and signing party is in the works. Stay tuned! Pre-orders will be available because there are only 100 copies of this first printing.

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